Friday, June 01, 2007

Just another Friday

Steph is having a baby shoe contest! I figure, if I enter enough, I'm bound to win something SOMEtime, right? So, here's the link to Vincent shoes. I think I'd pick out this pair in pink!

I am listening to Zip a dee doo dah for the 8 bazillionth time this month. I (being the brilliant mom that I am) decided it would be good to get the kids excited about Disney World (15 days!!) by having them watch an old video of Disney sing a long songs (1980's ... lots of interesting hair dos and outfits!). Well, Corinne is ADDICTED to "Miiick Mooouuuuse!!!" and we must watch it over and over.... At least I know she'll know what I'm talking about when we see the characters! Oh, and it's pretty darn cute when she says "App a deee ooo aaah."
LAST FULL DAY OF SCHOOL. Can't believe it. Enough said.
My son has forgotten his library book at school AGAIN. Not cool. Especially when school is almost out. (He's reading The Eldest. He's 8. Can you believe it? Yes. Bragging.) Um, it's an expensive library book, kid!!
Ok, any Disney World fanatics out there? Sure there are! Please, if you have any tips on flying with kids (eeeek!) or seeing the sites down there, I'd appreciate them all! We've been there with the boys 3 years ago, but I can always use help!


Stephanie Precourt said...

Thanks for the link to the contest! Those Bettys are pretty cute!


Ruby said...

My tip on flying with kids; Try not to.

You mean on the SAME plane?

Okay if you haaave to, be sure they haven't slept for oh...30 hours.

Just kidding ;) Have fun!!!

Type (little) a aka Michele said...

I can never remember which is which. Disney World is FL, right? And Disney Land is CA? Since I've been to both, I'm covered if someone asks me about it. LOL

Your boys might be fine with the flying. I'm sure you can get them psyched about it. As for Corrine, I suggest Baby Benadryl. Just Kidding. Or am I?

Seriously, I flew with Sabrina by myself when she was 15 months old. If you can, buy her a seat and strap her into her car seat rather than holding her on your lap.

Melissa said...

Those shoes are CUTE!! :) Very very fun - I hope you win!
As for flying tips - I have none. We haven't been brave enough to fly with the kids yet... one day... but not today.... or tomorrow... or even the next day... maybe in a year... or ten. You'll have to tell me what you end up doing and if it works or not. Maybe if you have a good experience it will ease my fears a little... good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey ~ just to repsond to the comment you left on my blog: about a year ago Jacob was going to the bathroom A LOT. He's always been thirsty ~ ALWAYS has a cup in hand ~ and he was tested for diabetes then. Of course he was fine, then, but I will certainly ask the pediatrician about it again. Jacob has a lot of psychological hang-ups,food being one of the major ones. THANK YOU for mentioning this possibility.

Tonya said...

portable DVD player with headsets :) We went to Disney in Nov it was so much fun. You'll have a blast! Oh get autographs during the parade. Get the photo pass, it's a good deal. That's all I can think of for now.

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