Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sorry Charlotte

Ok. Enough is enough with the snow in April. Seriously.

I have Justin's Teacher conference tonight... Cross your fingers... Evan's went wonderfully on Monday. They all love him. She called Evan a leader, a good listener, eager to learn and cooperative. After 4 years of PT conferences with Justin's teachers it is sooooo refreshing to walk out of one and feel really, truly proud of your child. I know, that sounds like I'm not proud of Justin, but I AM. He is really a great kid, it's just been a very rough and bumpy road with pot holes and roadkill strewn about. Not so fun to walk out of a PT conference hearing "He's very smart, BUT.... " However, Evan does need to work on his letters, numbers and other stuff.
I remember how judgmental I was of other at-home moms that had children who didn't know the basics. "What are they DOING all day long if not teaching their children?" Yeah... Sorry bout that. I now KNOW. If Evan isn't interested in something, (i.e. letters,numbers) then it doesn't stick. I've been working my ass off trying to get him interested. Sigh.... Justin just had to be told or shown a letter once or twice, and he had it! I remember thinking that I must be a brilliant mother to be able to teach my 2 year old so much. Um. Yeah.... Again - sorry.

Ok. They're stirring around up there. Gotta go.

Oh! The absolute WORST way to start a morning? Going into the bathroom to see that not only is the toilet clogged (ew) but that there is a huge-ass SPIDER sitting on top of the mess!!! I yelped and sprayed it with hairspray for about 10 minutes. I do NOT want that thing crawling around my house!!


Unknown said...

My Jacob is the same way ~ you just can't force him to do anything. Although Jacob (5) knows his numbers and letters, he has a difficult time with his fine motor skills, which makes writing a very arduous task. He can barely hold a pencil and HATES to draw. It's a struggle with him all the time, but we keep plugging away so he's not behind once he goes to kindergarten.

Michelle said...

Good luck with the conference tonight; I hope there are no "buts" this time! and ewww to the spider!

Elle*Bee said...

Ewwww to the spider (but I think my dead mouse trumps your spider).


Glad the conference went well. I know what you mean, though about the "but..." We have a lot of "buts" in our house.

Jen said...

I have way way way too many buts here......totally know where you are coming my kids, would do anything for them, but there are far too many times that I jsut do NOT like seems to be more frequent the older they get.......sigh

Overwhelmed! said...

I hope the conference went well tonight.

I don't mind spiders, but a dead mouse would freek me out!

Ruby said...

I'm hearing you on the conference, hope it went well.

My five year old hates to pick up a pencil, much less draw or color. Numbers and letters he can remember.

The spider I wouldn't mind half as much as the clogged toilet. Yuck!

Lei said...

That made me shudder! Lol!

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