Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy windows and Kool Aid

There is sleet hitting the windows, a cup of hot coffee steaming by the keyboard, and the sound of my 2 youngest playing "shoot the storm troopers in the Disney Princess tent." All in all, a good morning.

My daughter is wearing hand me downs from another mom at Evan's preschool. I put it on her today specifically because we'll see this mom and I wanted to thank her for the adorable clothes. Have you ever noticed how other people's clothes smell different than yours? Not bad or good, necessarily, but different? I was snuggling her between her death-defying Spinny Rinny stunts and she just didn't smell like my Rinny...

Oh, she is such a stinker. She keeps flinging herself back into the playhouse walls to knock the whole thing down!

She does the CUTEST thing now. I taughter her the "mana mana" song! I say Mana Mana and she goes Doo doo doo! I mean come on! That is pure genius.

So. I figured we had enough milk for this morning. Ah, I am apparently still a novice at this whole "mom" thing, because after using the milk for Justin's pill and the scrambled eggs, we were OUT. So my children had KOOL AID for breakfast. Yes. I sugared them up and sent one off to school (Yes, the one that already has a hard time sitting still. Yes. That one.).

A mom from my mother's group was at playgroup at my house yesterday... with her 1 month old... a teeny little baby that is so sweet and mellow and snuggled into my arms and shoulder... and gave me that innocent look... Sigh.... we're done. We're SO done having babies. But... Obviously, I like to enjoy each child's babyhood and I have dragged out the stage of having young children in the house as long as I could, by having them 3 and 3 1/2 years apart each time. I wonder, when Corinne is hitting that 3-4 year old stage, if I will go through a mini-depression? Realizing that this is IT. I am growing old. My kids are getting older. Soon they will leave, I will have to adjust. And then we all die. :) No, I'm not THAT morbid, but it's true. Maybe that's why some families have so very many children? They want to enjoy life and live it to its fullest. And when else are you able to truly appreciate (and comment on) the rain patterns on the windows? Or the balloons in the supermarket? Or go on pumpkin rides and talk to Santa?

Speaking of how great they are, one is in the bathroom, filling up the sink so he can make his whales swim and the other is alternating between playing a LOVELY song on the piano and grunting suspiciously... Think I have to go now.


Jamie said...

I can only imagine what your house is like on a daily basis. Oh my. I thought mine was crazy.

Kool Aid for breakfast... thats too funny :) Good luck teachers.

Michelle said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who noticed that hand me down clothes DO smell differently then your own clothes LOL

Oh, no that wasn't my hubby in the bunny costume- just someone he works with who was nice enough to dress up for the kids!

Dedee said...

I love posts like this, wehre you just savor life, because, as you say, it changes. I'm happy you are enjoying your moments.

Elle*Bee said...

I know what you mean - my "baby" is 5 now and altho' he's still tons of fun, I feel the pangs of knowing that I won't cuddly an infant of my own ever again. Sometimes I think that motherhood is almost as much about reconnecting with your inner child as it is about guiding your actual children to adulthood.

Type (little) a aka Michele said...

If I had the financial resources, I would totally have like 8 kids. What I'm freaking out about is when we can afford to have #2. My daughter is going to be 3 in June. I'd wanted them closer in age than that.

andria said...

Adam does the mana mana song too. My husband turned him on to it and they watch it on itube together every night. It's about one of the only things he can say.

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