Monday, January 08, 2007


Apparently, milk works to get his meds down! He couldn't see the powder (we've broken up the capsules and poured it into the milk... Hope that's not compromising the medicine. Gee, maybe I should call the Dr?) And after only 10 minutes of arguing until we figured out the milk remedy!! I have a BIG BIG hope that this will eliminate the nightly arguments. (We were at my mom's on Saturday. BIG argument over it there, too.) Gotta get the kids ready for school!


andria said...

Call your dr. about the milk. I know my mom is on some meds now that she can't take with milk. It's probably ok but maybe better to make sure.

Michelle said...

I hope the dr gives the a-ok to mixing it with milk since that seemed to do the trick!

Nicole said...

I would just think that it is going down so it has to be OK. That is just me. You might want to check with the Dr. I am DEFINITELY not that!

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