Friday, October 12, 2018

Tap tap tap

In 2 weeks, I will have 3 teenagers in my house.

It's unfathomable.... One of the most shocking aspects of parenting is how your children disappear. They evolve and change so much in such short periods of time. You think you know who they are and then...poof. Who they were is no longer who they ARE and you had better pay attention, Mama; you can't live in the past (no matter how much you want to, because teenager years are SCARY AS HELL).

I can't write about them the way I used to. Their stories are theirs and are more personal than before. The funny stuff is still funny, but there are a lot of deep moments lately. I'm adjusting to figuring out how to write about our lives without crossing boundaries... 

Corinne and I spent a long time reading old blog posts together the other day. She and I laughed SO hard and she basically begged me to start writing again... It is incredibly validating to know that the time I spent recording our memories on this blog is already valuable to her. I know it will be important to them some day when they're older, but it's truly wonderful to have it acknowledged already.

Still, I'm a little out of practice. I don't walk around writing stories in my head anymore, like I used to. I've been living offline a lot more which is deliberate and rewarding. I need to find a balance of writing and retaining the current memories while still enjoying our real lives.



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