Friday, October 14, 2016

Culinary Fight Club Chicago!

Still can't believe my "baby" is nearly an adult (4 more months till it's official; Hold me). That said, it's pretty awesome to do things with him one on one. We talk and talk without interruption and I am reminded, once again, just how cool he really is. 

His culinary arts program through the local college/high school collaboration is his favorite thing (after computer gaming). I am always thrilled to indulge this obsession and possible career choice (except when he's telling me how wrong I am doing things in the kitchen. Oy.).

Taking Justin to the September Culinary Fight Club in Chicago was right up his alley. 

It really was cool to see the different teams going their own directions, knowing that we were going to taste them ALL. :)
We each had our own favorites, and the food WAS delicious, but in the long run, the best part for me was this:
 Getting to listen to my child (4 more months left!! I'm gonna say it while I CAN) describe his passion for creative cooking was a gift. Though we cannot make it to the October Fight Club, we fully intend on going again!

The next Culinary Fight Club in Chicago is on October 17 and there are still tickets available. Register now and see what the hype is all about!

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