Monday, August 31, 2015

Not Back To School

If you had told me 8 years ago that there would come a time when whole months would pass by without posts on my blog, I would have literally laughed at you.

The stories I have to tell aren't my own anymore, though. The kids, they grow.

Damn them.

And my own life has felt less shareable as of late. Add those compounds together and shake vigorously to get a blog with cobwebs and crickets in every corner.

Still, I have these stories in my head... They may get told. Maybe not.

Until then:

 Checkers outside. "So Fun, Mommy!" Score.
 A week studying Italy resulting in art, flags, and dinner prepared by my 9 year old. Score.
 Helping with the Ricotta cookies. YUM.
 First day of school on the floor in the middle of many storage boxes.
A fourth grader! She is the same age that Justin was when I pulled him from public school... Unfathomable.
Forced togetherness with my 13 year old because posing for first day of school pics is NOT COOL anymore.

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