Friday, November 28, 2014

(Never) Been There, Done That

It's strange when your children have experiences without you that are completely outside of your frame of reference.

Go to camp by yourself for a week? I've done that! Isn't it fun?!? We can compare and share our stories!

Go to Paris for a week with your grandma?


Not only have I never gone to France, I've never been across the Atlantic. I have little travel experience outside of the continental U.S., Canada, Hawaii, and Jamaica. I've placed my feet upon one little section of the entire world. Meanwhile, my eldest has tacked on Europe to his travel log, complete with two stamps in his passport when they spend a day in Dublin on the way back!

I've never had a passport. When I last traveled out of country, it wasn't required. That gives you a little inkling as to the timeframe of extensive travel I've been involved in.

I'm thrilled for Justin. He is having all of the experiences that I've always wanted my kids to have. I am so grateful to his grandma for taking him on this amazing adventure. I hope all of my children are able to live lifes full of travel and activities that cause their heart beats to quicken.

It's just odd to be on this side of the BeenThereDoneThat, you know? I know that we are only on the precipice of hearing about experiences instead of comparing experiences. It's nearly the final territory of parenthood, and it's a little bit scary.

A week without a 6 foot tall teenager in the house is quite noticeable. I keep looking around for my purse or phone and have to pause to figure out what it is I'm forgetting as I rush out the door.

And then I remember.

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