Sunday, August 17, 2014

Remember when?

Remember the days, "back in the days" during early* blogging, where you felt the need to announce that you were "taking a break" so that people wouldn't get "worried" about you because you hadn't written in more than 3 days? And remember that it WAS an actual, REAL worry? I mean, I READ blogs EVERY DAY. I read them and clicked them off of lists and connected in ways other than Facebook and texting and IT MATTERED if I didn't write for 12 days (like I just did). People NOTICED and CARED and would email you with concerned messages of "Hey, hon. Noticed you hadn't written. Is everything ok?..." and you would feel important and validated and PRESENT on the internet and so, in order to prevent said concern, you would announce a much needed absence for a vacation and/or sanity break (from all the content finding and witty insights) and maybe even schedule posts (new and/or old favorites) so that your "readers" wouldn't get bored and (God forbid) start reading someone else's blog.

Remember when your favorite blogger would suddenly declare that she (rarely a "he") didn't know if blogging was something she could continue with? And you would GASP! because, "OMG, this is one of the best and if SHE can't cut it long-term, why would I think that I could?" and then you would secretly bite your lip in guilty hopes that this actually WAS a REAL departure of another amazing writer so that you would somehow become more awesome(r) in her absence. And then the guilt would get REALLY bad so you would be overcome with writer's block as a punishment from the Goddess of Blogdom.

How quaint.

*We're talking old-school and time-warping to 2007(ish).

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