Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Not quite sure how I ended up being old enough to host my son's girlfriend for a week, but here she is and here I am and I am, apparently, older than I thought.

The internet brings people together in random ways. I make friends via Facebook and blogs and conferences. My son meets people via Minecraft and internet groups and, SHOCKER, a lot of the people who say that they are teens are, in fact, Teenagers.

But that's his story to tell. My story is of how I am not a natural tour guide of our fine state. I am trying, but fear I am falling short. Then again, I know that they really want to cram a year's worth of dates into one week, so dropping them off at the mall to see a movie isn't boring and everydayish - it's normal, teenagery stuff that I am happy my son gets to experience with his girlfriend of over 2 years. I give them credit for being able to be in a long distance relationship for so long.

Speaking of tour guide stuff, I have to figure out a free-ish activity for tomorrow afternoon as our original idea to hike in Mathiessen State Park is probably going to be rained out. :( Maybe I should make it into a "puddle walk" like we did when the boys were little? Think that will go over well with two teenagers who are really into anime and music?

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