Thursday, June 19, 2014

I think someone's been sniffing the nail polish a little too much...

"Hi, I received a gift card for your salon and I'd like to know how to use it."

"Oh, yes. You can use it here."

"Yesss.... I know that, but I'd like to schedule a day at the spa and some treatments. I've never been to your spa before. Do you need the card number or something? Are you the person I talk to set up appointments?"

"Oh, sure; I can help you. Go ahead and read the number off."

"Ok. 1234567."

"Yes, that card is worth $200. Thank you!" and she starts to hang up.

"WAIT! I want to schedule an appointment, and need to know what dates are available for the treatments I'd like to have done!"

"Ooohhh.... Ok."


"Soooo, um, do I just tell you what I want done and you tell me if someone is available...or....?"

"What procedures do you want done?"

"I'd like the Swedish massage, the aromatherapy facial, and the eye treatment. I think I will still have some money left over after all of that, is that right?"

"Your gift card will definitely cover all of that. Thank you!" She starts to hang up AGAIN.

"WAIT!!! I need to actually schedule an appointment for those procedures!!"

"Oooohhhh! Ok. Um, when?"


"I am free on next Sunday. What are your hours?"

She proceeds to list off all of the hours they are open and closed starting on Mondays and finally ending on Sunday hours.

"Ok, so do you have time to fit all of the procedures I asked about in on next Sunday? If I come in at 11?"

"What procedures did you want done?"


I swear to God, I am scared that I will arrive and they won't even be open that day. I am definitely going to call ahead, and hope to hell that someone else answers the phone.

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