Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hush, what's that sound?

Shhhhh.... What's that sound?

Oh yeah. It's the SILENCE. The silence of no one but me, my softly snoring husband and my not-so-softly-snoring trusty dog just chilling on the couch on this fantastically perfect Saturday.

Kid 1 is at some card game thing that he is passionately excited about. My teenager wants to do something he loves that doesn't involve me worrying over drugs or teenage pregnancy? AWESOME. Here's some cash to buy more Magic cards. Do you need a ride?

Kid 2 has spent the day at an entertainment place that is a roller rink/bowling alley/bumper car/mini golf/laser tag/arcade for a belated birthday party. He is currently running around at the park with his buddy. None of the neighbors have called to alert me to any highly inappropriate behavior and/or language, so I'm knocking wood that this will continue on for the rest of the afternoon and calling it a parenting win.

Kid 3 has gone to a friend's house to play. I am SO HAPPY that she has found girls her age in our neighborhood! So many of her buddies have moved away or have aged out of "playing" that she has been feeling a little lonely lately. THANK GOD FOR GIRL SCOUTS! She's met lots of girls that live in our immediate vicinity that are the exact same age and are all really sweet. Woot woot! I'll buy as many cookies as I need to continue these afternoons of friends that live around the corner!

Kid 4 (husband) looks so cute with a little bit of drool on the pillow. I kind of want to wake him up and wink my eye at him (hey hey! The kids are all gone!) but we had a late night last night and are both still digesting all of the meat we managed to ingest at Fogo De Chao last night. Holy balls, I'm still full just thinking about it....

Kid 5 (mah DOGGY!) is dream-chasing one of those rabbits that keeps taunting her. Damn BUNNIES! My poor baby. She's tormented by them and that stupid squirrel that has decided that our bird feeder is a buffet for rodents. Let it be known that I DO NOT LIKE SQUIRRELS. She is completely allowed to catch any squirrel that is caught unawares within our property. It has been posted; spread the word.

Ahhhh.... Only 8 days till Listen To Your Mother in Chicago is on stage. EEEeeeeEEE!!!! Do me a solid and spread the word to other Chicagoland people? We have a huge theater and plenty of space for last minute ticket buyers. 10% of our ticket proceeds go to so you can have a good time AND do something for a good cause! WIN WIN WIN!*
photo courtesy of Balee Images

*I accidentally typed "wine wine wine" but felt it would probably be inappropriate to leave it that way.

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