Sunday, January 12, 2014

The day before.

Driving Evan to an activity today, I realized that tomorrow, it all starts to change.

Tomorrow is the day that submissions for Listen To Your Mother in Chicago are open.

Tomorrow is the day that our show begins to take a REAL shape... The day that our hearts will be drawn to new stories and local characters.

The thought takes my breath away.

This show really is about more than just a 90 minute gathering of writers. It's more than finding sponsors and selling tickets and securing the infinite details that I never knew about prior to being a part of LTYM. Melisa and I have had the honor of being trusted with submissions that, for most LTYM hopefuls, have never been publicly shared.

I am utterly baffled at how I have arrived at this location in my life, but completely and totally grateful. I cannot wait to read your submissions and I cannot wait to hear the auditions; to select our cast and witness as the show comes to life.

But I am quiet right now, on this Sunday afternoon, as I prepare myself for the heartache and hysteria that I know will soon appear in our inbox...

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