Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It's quiet on here.

I know.

I'm busy.

Isn't that hysterical? Two words (when you contract them) that sound so simple but really mean that inside my head, I feel like I'm a massive ball of gum rolling down a hill; gathering speed and debris as I painfully bounce along. You would think that the debris would inhibit the speed; You would be wrong. You would think that being "so busy" would mean that I am able to cross vast numbers of Life's tedious chores off of my invisible To-Do list. Again, this is inaccurate.

I feel frozen in body while mind and heart are spiraling.

Time for a deep breath. A long bath. A moment to reflect.

But there isn't. Time, that is. There isn't time to breathe or bathe or reflect. Because he's leaving in 2 days and Important Things must happen before then. But I'm not sure how he is ready to go to high school when I can't even find the energy to move.

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