Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'll Wear Black

8 years ago, a little ray of sunshine was born. Though I was personally unable to meet this sweet girl before she became a victim of the beast that is cancer, I am lucky to know her mother today. Through the continuing love of her momma, I am privileged to know of Donna.

I met Sheila this year when she was in LTYM Chicago. Her story on stage, back stage, and on her blog have truly touched me. Today, July 20, marks the day that little Donna would have been 8 years old. Just 3 months before my own sweet ray of sunshine turns 8... I cannot begin to comprehend the level of pain that such a devastating loss would incur. I do not know HOW Sheila continues on with as much passion and grace as she possesses; but she does, and it astounds me and humbles me.

Today, in honor of Donna's 8th birthday, I plan to wear her favorite color (Black!) and to keep her family in my mind as they cross yet another milestone without her by their sides. If you can, please keep them in your mind with a prayer or comment on Sheila's website and pass along a cyber-hug. Even more, if you feel compelled and are able, consider a visit to the charity page that they have set up in her honor; Donna's Good Things. Join me in a small donation to this organization that brings "joyful opportunities for children facing adversity, be it economic, familial, social or health related."

Happy Birthday, Donna...

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