Monday, July 08, 2013

A Truly Hunger Free Summer....

*This compensated post is brought to you by ConAgra Foods and The Motherhood, but all words and opinions are my own.

I over ate today. I did and it sucked because it just doesn't "go away." It takes time before I am comfortable again and I end up feeling so guilty! Not only because I would like to be healthier (and thinner) but also because I know how very difficult it is for a vast population in America to procure enough to eat let alone be in a position to have TOO MUCH.

Being hungry... It's a different kind of pain. I can't imagine how much agony it must be to always have that empty churning in your belly. I know that missing just one meal is enough to distract me from all duties and dreams. What must the constancy of a pain in your stomach do to your ability to focus on schoolwork? When hunger is consuming you, there is little room in your life for anything sparkly and grand. How can one focus on planning for tomorrow when today is full of instability and confusion?

Did you know that more than 21 million children are enrolled in the free or reduced-cost lunch programs offered by their schools but only approximately 2 million children utilize the government supported summer feeding programs?? Think about what that number means. When I visualize millions of children potentially missing a meal every day for the entire summer (a meal that may have been their only nutritious possibility during the school year), my heart breaks.

ConAgra Foods Foundation has continued their pledge to battle this food insecurity in the summertime through the Hunger Free Summer program. Across the country, food banks will benefit from the nearly 30 grants that ConAgra issues to support programs that connect hunger insecure children with the resources that their families need to receive the assistance that is available. I am so grateful for the support that they provide and often wish that I was in a position to make a bigger difference as well.

Thankfully, there IS a simple way that all of us can help. Even if you haven't a penny to spare, you can help feed a child today. For every view of this YouTube video hosted by Chris O'Donnell, ConAgra Foods Foundation will contribute the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America. Be sure to watch it to the end for the view to count!*

Now that you've watched it, please share the link on any social media site you frequent. Just think of the implications of each of us sharing the video about 5 times!! How many people do you know on Facebook or Twitter? JUST THINK of the ripple effect you can cause! YOUR help of just a few minutes of your time may result in thousands of hungry children receiving meals this summer.

What else? What else can we do? Well, if you do have a few spare dollars, please consider the Feeding America as a worthy choice to donate to. You can find more information on their program HERE. You can always call your local food bank to find out what products they are low on and throw a few extras into your shopping cart at your next grocery store run. Also, if you have any other ideas, please comment below and share with us all! This is an ongoing problem and one that cannot be solved with just outlet.

Let's make this the year that marks the change of summertime hunger!

*Be sure to watch it to the end for the view to count!!

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