Wednesday, June 12, 2013


No matter how much I consider or ponder and wonder about choices and life, the sun will continue to set and rise.

The grass will grow, despite my lack of attention.

The rain will fall and wash away every chalk masterpiece, regardless of skill or sentimental attachment.

Tragedy and Miracles exist beside each other while I swirl the dishes in mildly soapy water.

Babies break their imposed silence with those first defiant cries while other souls are silently slipping into the air.

I choose to be grateful and embrace this day. Though thunderstorms are in our immediate future, right now the air is fantastic, my belly is full, and the shower will be fantastically hot. 


Hyacynth said...

Beautiful, Tracey! Yes. Joy is a choice. amid the dailyness and all. Thank you for sharing this. your words are beautiful.

Jenn said...

Beautiful words, so true.

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