Tuesday, June 04, 2013

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Summer vacation... For those who don't homeschool, it can be a huge shift to every aspect of the family's lives. Schedules, activities and sleep patterns are all thrown for a loop.

For us, it's just a gentle transition of "yesterday we 'did' school and today, we're not." Same as how we begin school in the fall, we just sort of... do it. No fuss. No dramatic change to the patterns of our lives. I am kind of ecstatic with all of the extra free time I now have which can (theoretically) be filled with some seriously necessary housekeeping. I am also mortified that the prospect of 'serious housekeeping' is so thrilling to me.

Patrick has been at his new job for about a month now and he loves it. Pays great, nice people, fulfilling job and it's way closer to home. That said, these first few weeks have included a ton more business travel than we've been accustomed to and it's starting to wear away at me. I have a list on my table of several dates that I need overnight kid care help. Calling in this help is always tricky. There's that whole idea of 'owing' people, you know? Also, trying to arrange all of the details for 3 different kids (who will sometimes be going to 3 different locations) reminds me of the years where we had  a baby, preschooler, and young elementary student. It was overwhelming then, and it can be overwhelming now. At least I now truly know from experience that all stages are temporary. This too shall pass.

Speaking of summer, where the hell is it? Granted, it's kind of lovely out right now, but it certainly doesn't feel like SUMMER. It IS June, yes? Cuz it feels like early May! And we would really, really like to hit the pool, please. Especially since these first two weeks are when we are pretty free in the schedules. Pretty soon, all of the summer camps and vacations and day trips and festivals will begin to overlap. Pretty soon, I'll be wondering how the HELL summer flew by so quickly. I truly just want to live in this summer season for a few extra months. I just want to stretch a little, tiny bit more...

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Unknown said...

Summer always goes by too quickly - as does ANY season of good times and fun stuff. As far as that goes - so does Life.

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