Thursday, June 06, 2013

It Seems Like Only Yesterday...

There are many inventions and discoveries that have drastically altered the path of mankind.

The wheel got us rolling and allowed us to move our families to more desirable caves with better schools.

Running water freed up hours and hours of time and allowed folks to say things like "Hey, I think I'll take ANOTHER bath, even though it's not my month for it!" People started living longer due to the decrease of diseases and the increase of women not smothering their husbands in fits of disgusted rage.

One of my own personal favorites is the invent of modern feminine hygiene products. After reading the 1970's version of  "Are you there God? It's Me, Margaret," in grade school, I was petrified of the whole idea of hooks and pulley systems to assure that my monthly menstrual cycle would not run down my legs in P.E. class. Yay for adhesives and absorbent cottons!

But I think that most people would agree that one of the most influential inventions was when refrigeration became a feasible option for a vast population; LIVES WERE CHANGED. I cannot imagine living a life without the ability to keep food cool from day to day. In fact, if you have ever gone camping, you will begin to touch upon just how much your life revolves around the life span of the food you are trying to serve. If it's exceptionally hot out, ice must be purchased almost daily to insure that the highly processed hot dogs and hamburgers don't begin to defrost. (If you are a serious camper, I don't have any clue how you manage eating anything other than granola bars and stale water...) And God forbid the overpriced $4 QUART of milk that you purchased at the campground store might
sour before breakfast!

When our refrigerator bit the big one last May, I learned just how difficult it is to exist in modern society without a functioning refrigerator. We cooked what we could and doled out food to our neighbors, but inevitably ended up tossing a vast amount of food that couldn't be salvaged. We lived out of a cooler for several weeks as we compared our bank account to the cost of a decent refrigerator. Naturally, Life threw extra Fun Stuff at us which made it all the more difficult to secure a decent fridge instead of just a glorified cooler. I decided to pull my SuperBlogger Cape out in an attempt to procure a better fridge for trade.

Lo and behold, Whirlpool took pity on us. After a few conversations about the services I would provide in return for honest reviews of their product, this lovely appliance arrived at our home.

And so began the year of blogging about a refrigerator. It's not as easy as it sounds! I really wanted to write informative pieces that would be beneficial to the company and to anyone who was in the market for a similar model. Our experience has not been 100% perfect, but the positives have far outweighed the negatives! In fact, discovering how attentive their customer service is was a fabulous surprise and worthy of a read, if you're interested...

I also like the post where I discovered the fancy schmancy alarm system that is INVALUABLE in a household of 3 perpetually moving children...

And it goes without saying that a sleekly beautiful fridge in the house can cause a tad bit of jealousy amongst the other appliances...

Would I recommend this refrigerator? Yes.
Would I endorse Whirlpool in general as a company? Yes. I've had nothing but good experiences this entire year.

Questions? Comments? Bring 'em on! I have the time to answer them because I HAVE REFRIGERATION in my house! God bless modern science...

*Disclaimer: I was given this Whirlpool refrigerator to review for a year but no monetary compensation was received. All views and opinions remain my own.

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Anonymous said...

And having seen this stupendous appliance I can tell you it makes me as jealous as the other appliances in your kitchen. Our refridge is slowly dying and I would definitely consider this brand when the times come for the ceremony. Thanks for the review.

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