Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spinning and spinning and spinning

A universal truth about anyone who lives where there are seasons* is the absolute shock we experience every time a lovely, sun-filled spring day is followed by a frigid bout of icy-arctic blasts. There is a palpable HORROR in voices across the internet, over the phone, at the grocery store: "Can you believe this weather?!? Can you believe it's SO COLD?!?!" Within these voices lies an anger that is true and heartfelt; we are pissed. Spring was HERE! It was warm and sunny and perfect, so why did it turn its back on us?!?

And then we remember that this IS Spring. A lovely Spring day is remarkable not because of its abundance but because of its scarcity. The scattered warmth of April is a reminder that summer is just around the corner. There will be barbecues and sprinklers and fresh vegetables and icy lemonade by the pool in a matter of weeks. But first, Mother Nature reminds us that the warmth and the bounty is only on loan. Springtime is a time to remember that Life is, at its most basic definition, temporary. Summer will end as surely as it comes. Winter will return, only to be beaten back, once more, by the Spring.

So spin in the Springtime while you can.

Sit upon those grassy knolls and take the time to applaud the seemingly fragile crocuses and daffodils that thrust the earth aside and brave the icy nights, all for the joy of the light of the Sun.

Spring is the season of love and dreams and poetry and ribbons in our hair. Spring is the stretching of limbs and birthing of lambs and renewal of faith in the power of Nature and God. Spring is the acceptance of death and the knowledge of eternity and of everything in between.

I feel like spinning, today.

*Seasons implies more than warm,warmer, stifling, and sauna.

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Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Beautiful spin on spring, my friend. Now I want to go and pick some'mon summer :)

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