Monday, March 25, 2013


The truth is that one of the best parenting decisions of my life was made 12 years ago when I purchased a Wahl adjustable hair clipper set. I swear to God, it has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars.

I may have made a few hair cut boo-boos on my boys' heads over the past dozen years, but I learned from my mistakes and don't make them anymore. Also, judging from the results of the handful of haircuts that my boys received at the barber shops (sometimes Patrick likes to mix things up on me. He's a wild man like that); the haircuts I give are just as good IF NOT BETTER than the trained professionals. I mean, really: how hard is it to buzz a boy's head?

I type this from amid a pile of jet-black, bone-straight hair that fell from the head of Evan just moments ago. His reaction to his freshly unencumbered view of the world:

"AyyyiieEE!!! You chopped off Mah Sideburns!! That was gonna be the 'Evan Do!' It was gonna be bigger than the 'Bieber Do!' "

The other side to this "truth" is that when you cut your kid's hair in your house, you should expect to find bits of his hair in your socks for a few days...

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Marianne said...

Hilarious! I've been dying to post the picture of when I balded Jack. Not "buzz" balded, but Caillou balded. Like when we went to Disney, we were automatically put in the cancer line. I'm sending my boys over to you, they're starting to look shaggy.

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