Thursday, March 07, 2013

In Which I Ask You To Do Something For Me... AGAIN

I guess it's no surprise that after a vacation to the Sunshine State, I am yearning for summertime with all of my heart. It's ironic, though, that I am beyond thrilled over the view I am witnessing at this very moment.


Yes. That is over a foot of snow in my front yard. And I love every gleaming, sparkling, frozen inch of it. I just wish that this beauty had come about, oh, 2 months ago!

I watched my pathetic little tan lines fade overnight and my skin was just as dry as it was before we went to Florida. My lack of vitamin D was still dangerously low, the chocolate supplies were depleted (but not the wine!) and then I made a rookie boo-boo:

I browsed through the photos of Summertimes Past.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Tracey... But at least it gave me fodder for a video montage to enter in the Reflections CD contest. If you would be SO kind, please watch? First place is out of my hands, but second place is based upon views or likes so.... Give me a watch? Yes? Hmmm?

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