Monday, March 18, 2013

A Post to make me feel better about my family's nutrition

I love that my kids were ecstatic about recreating their favorite McDonald's meals today.

No, I didn't throw some burgers on the grill or deep fry some potatoes. I didn't even make vanilla shakes.

I made (wait for it)....


Southwest Salads, to be exact. Chopped greens, leftover chicken breasts cut into cute little bite sizes, shredded cheese, corn and black beans. And, the best part? THEY DON'T WANT ANY DRESSING. (Though Evan was bummed because I didn't have a lime slice to drizzle over the top, but I used the last lime in a mixed drink on Saturday...)

So, I basically fed my kids one of the most nutritious meals available from McDonald's only from my refrigerator and they acted like I was making the most amazing thing in the world.

I have to keep this food on hand All. The. Time.

I also need to keep more limes in the house because that was a DAMN GOOD mixed drink.

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