Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home Made Bunk Beds

My apologies. My blog seems to have become a Pet Blog lately. I swear I have children to justify my Mommy Blogger status. You can even spot one in the background, though he's not really a child anymore and probably needs to start shaving soon.... I remember when he had the softest baby cheeks...

Awesome. I am an almost former Mommy Blogger who posts pictures of her cat and dog and waxes poetic about the grooming requirements for her pubescent son.

This is exactly what I pictured myself doing at age 36. Except my visions usually included a battered passport and a tattoo or two.

1 comment:

Marianne said...

You're going to start scrapbooking next, aren't you?

Meh. I'll still come by.

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