Saturday, December 08, 2012

Like it?... or Love it?

Ever pay for gymnastics? I'm not talking about the recreational, park district classes, either. I mean the gymnastics classes that prep a kid for team competitions. classes where the gymnasts attend multiple sessions a week, for many, many hours of heavy-duty athletic activity.

If you have, then you know that those pre-team and team class paychecks leave a noticeable dent in your checkbook. And that is why, each time I pull out a pen to write Corinne's gymnastic school another check, I ask her,

"Do you like it? Or do you LOVE it?"

And every time, with her eyes shining and head bopping up and down, she earnestly responds, "Oh, I LOVE IT, Mommy! I LOVE IT!"

I was judging a speech meet today and met a man who is a producer for a television show. He judges while the show is on its winter break. I was interested and asked him about his profession,

"Tell me; do you like it? Or do you love it?"

He paused.

"I LOVE IT. It's the best job ever."

I smiled. "Then you are a lucky man, indeed."

Driving home, I wondered, do I like my job? Or do I LOVE it?

It didn't take me more than a breath to realize that I love it. I LOVE IT. I love every job I own.

Parenting? Love it.
Homeschooling? Love it.
Blogging? Love it.
Co-producing Listen To Your Mother in Chicago? Love it.

It's been a while since anything has uplifted my spirits quite as much as that realization in my van today.

Tell me; Do you like your job? Your life? Or do you LOVE it?


StephLove said...

I have seen the practice schedules for the more advanced classes at the gym where my daughter takes a once a week, 1-hour gymnastics class and they scare me. Some of those kids are in the gym 25 hours a week!

I only like my job and that's sometimes sad because I used to have a job I loved. But I'm grateful to have a job at all, really.

AiringMyLaundry said...

My daughter does gymnastics as well. Right now she only goes once a week for an hour. She seems to love it for now!

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