Monday, December 03, 2012

Ho Ho Ho, Yo.

 You know it's Christmas time when your cat and dog are stealing bits of candy off of a gingerbread house on your kitchen table...
 It's less obvious when you go to a tree farm and sweat during the walk through the fields because the thermostat says 65 degrees.
 And the trees we wanted were at the back! It's usually a long, cold walk, but it was GORGEOUS on Sunday and we enjoyed every minute of the day.
Even though we were sans the teenager because, well, he's THIRTEEN and tree hunting just wasn't as cool for him this year. I was mildly upset until I realized how much fun we were having withOUT him and his teenaged angst over searching for a Christmas tree. And then I felt guilty, but, well... C'est la vie.

The tree is UP and the kitten hasn't climbed it YET and the dog has only chewed on three of the branches and we still need two more strands of lights before we can put the ornaments on... But it's UP. So it's officially CHRISTMAS in our house.

And I haven't gotten a single present. Not one. Damn. Thing.

Hold me.


Aunt Murry said...

Awww, and I am almost done...of course it will be the last minute.

Kat said...

Isn't this weather crazy? I am loving every minute of it. Winter always lasts too long and this warm spell helps. :)
Happy Christmastime!

nmaha said...

Yay! now you can start wishing people merry Christmas and a happy new year. Plus you get to wear glittery clothes for a whole month :-)

StephLove said...

It's crazy warm here, too. I'm sitting here in a t-shirt in December and I don't live in Florida or anything like that.

We had a similar experience at the fair last summer. Eleven year old didn't want to go and I was so sad at first but then we had a lot of fun being able to focus on whatever the little one wanted to do.

Deb said...

Not one Christmas present?!? Not ONE?

You have TWENTY DAYS. Twenty!

You'd better put in a call to Santa's Number One helper - amazon.

anymommy said...

I have all my presents and nothing else. No decorations, no magic, no lights. Trade me houses for a week?

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