Saturday, December 15, 2012

DomITP at Woodfield

When Pauline from Classy Chaos moved to Chicagoland, she entered an entire group of bloggers who are willing and able to help her spread the word about the newest store that her family has opened. Called Dom ITP (Polish for Housewares etc.) and found right next to Nordstrom's in Woodfield Mall, it specializes in fabulous Polish clothing and accessories that are available nowhere else outside of Europe. And they ARE beautiful! Check out this collection of lovely hats that all of us bloggers played around with for 30 minutes!

I ended up bringing home a cozy rust/orange tam-type hat and a super soft orangey/gray infinity scarf that makes me feel very posh and sophisticated. I mean, I know that I AM posh and sophisticated (duh), but the accessories just make it all the more obvious to the random bystander.

Look! Look how fancy I am in my super soft scarf!

If you're headed to Woodfield for some Christmas or Hanukkah presents (or just a little something special for yourself), check out DomITP. I got that scarf for $13!!! And their jewelry is crazy inexpensive, too! If I'd had the extra cash for myself, I would have picked up a beautiful wool coat that positively screamed "Tracey". Only in Polish. What would the Polish version of "Tracey" be, anyway? Let me check... Hmmm. It's "Tracy". Which, well, that's not very exotic sounding...

Still, I can pretend to be exotic while wearing my goods. Let me know if you check them out and say hi to Pauline if you go! She works there most days and seems truly happy in her new position as a working mama. We are so happy for you, Pauline and hope that you love living in Chicago as much as we do!

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