Monday, November 12, 2012

Listen To Your Mother: Growing and Growing!

In case you haven't heard....

24 CITIES! I am so proud of everyone that is involved with Listen To Your Mother - The writers, producers, sponsors, and Ann Imig who has watched her one city show blossom into a national event. One day, LTYM  will be a name that doesn't need to be explained. One day SOON, the entire continent will recognize and adore these shows as much as I do. I hope that this year is the year that you fall in love with it!

Mark your calendars because the Chicago show IS COMING BACK! If you have a story to tell about motherhood, start putting that pen to paper or keyboard to work and write it DOWN because anyone can audition and anyone can be chosen.

 Melisa and I are stoked to be a part of another meaningful year and look forward to working with a charity and another cast. We hope to see you at the show: either in the audience, or on the stage!


Stephanie Precourt said...

SO hope to see your show agaiN!!


Galit Breen said...

Way to go!

Y'all are going to bring the awesome and the amazing and the beauty!!


Melisa Wells said...


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