Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Evan the Protector

Corinne and Evan love to wrestle. Being the younger sister of 2 brothers, she knows how to take you down with ankle picks and strangle moves. But, being the youngest (and also a's a stereotype that I loathe, but is totally true) she is fully capable of bawling hysterically when an injury naturally occurs. Though I hate for her to get hurt (and despise listening to her whining cries), something lovely has "developed" because of t.

"Ah-ha-ha-ha-HA! Take THAT!"

~muted thudding of head to the couch~

"You think you're so tough? I DON'T THINK SO!!"

~additional thuds from bodies narrowly avoiding walls and sharp furniture~

A laugh.

A shriek.




"Mommmmy! Rinny's hurt!"

Evan's reaction time is much quicker than mine. Either developed from true concern for her well-being or for his own well-being if he were to ignore her cries, he has subsequently grown into her protector.

"MommYY!! Rinny's CRYING!"

6 year olds are prone to crying. At least, MINE is. I therefore tend to wait out those first few bawls. No reason to ruin a perfectly good cozy niche on the couch with my dog and laptop for a simple bonk on the head, right? Since she is still crying and Evan has called more than once, I determine that her pain has a legitimate possibility of being genuine and might not be just another plea for attention. When I enter the family room, I am greeted by a now-familiar site:

Corinne is whimpering on the couch over a bonk to her forehead while Evan is "gently" patting her back, holding a frozen burrito to her head.

He is making a joke about how her hot, sweaty head will help defrost the burrito and then she can eat it for lunch...

And this solves everything.

Giggles dissolve the tears and, before I can even process every step, they've broken into gut-busting laughter, have abandoned the burrito on the couch*, and have resumed their version of WWE.

And I can go back to my cozy niche, confident that my kids are the most awesome ones in the world.

*I lose more burritos that way...


Anonymous said...

Frozen burrito for head bonks. I'm totally going to remember that one. Poor Rinny! And what a sweet brother.

Stephanie Precourt said...

Sounds like my life!!!


StephLove said...

The right joke always works.

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