Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Write

A quiet moment.

I used to dread Tuesdays. The rush, the craziness. Up early for co-op. Handle the treasury for the classes. Pretend to be a P.E. teacher and make sure nobody runs into any building support beams. Race home to get Corinne ready for gymnastics. Braid hair, change her clothes, pack a snack and drive to the facility. And then... sit. For 3 hours.

I did this for many months until I realized; I could DO something during those 3 hours. I could... sit outside. Walk. Exercise. Type. Read. Ahhhh....

I took a long walk around a new lake today. Got lost. Wondered where I was. Smiled hello to a dozen fellow walkers. Got licked by a dog. Laughed when the little girl and her father had to hold the frisky husky back from following me around the lake. Found my way out of the strange neighborhood. Felt the wind in my hair. Bought a milkshake. Drank it in the breeze. Contemplated life and the blessings I have.

Maybe Tuesdays aren't so bad after all.

Just Write....


Gianna Rae said...

Oh, yeah! That sounds FABULOUS! 3 hours you HAVE to take for yourself? You've been given a gift, my friend!

alisha said...

holy crap. 3 hours! that is a gift!

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