Friday, August 10, 2012

You are Worth the Effort of the Climb

The leaves on our birch tree are knocking on the kitchen window this morning as I sit on our front room couch and sip my coffee from a random mug. From a... dental practice? Ironic.

Sip. Sip.

Ahhh.... delicious, teeth-staining java. How I love thee.

Especially on mornings like this one. Where the wind is actually cooling and relaxing instead of the blazing, furnace-like inferno that has been roaring across our prairie state for the past 6 weeks. But yesterday? Yesterday, I opened the windows.

I opened the windows.

In August.


And today, the windows are still open and the breezes are still comfortable. The fresh, swirling, morning wind is ruffling the magazine pages beside me and blowing my hair about my face, and I am full of this absolute peace that never fails to return with these temperatures and weather.

That knowledge is what gets me through days where the peace is some distant memory; buried so deeply within the muck of depression that also never fails to return.

It's quite the ride, isn't it? This pendulum of emotions that is called "Life"...

Though our situations are most definitely not identical, know that admitting to being in the lowest point of the cycle is actually the sign of a very strong person. It's also a sign that you desire to claw yourself back up; that the heights of your life are most definitely worth the effort that the climb may require.

YOU are worth the effort.

*For YOU. Truly! I wrote this for you this morning. I hope you know that you are not alone, no matter how impossible that may seem at times...


Katie said...

thank you. from all of my heart parts.

Kat said...

What a wonderful post. Everything about it. I can relate. The weather here. The windows. The peace. The lows.
Great post!

Mark said...

What a nice gift.
Katie is a doll!

Eddie said...

Nicely put! Great post.

Lisa said...

This is my hubby's favorite kind of weather too.

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