Thursday, August 23, 2012

Connections All Around Us...

The smallest of all moments can lead to the deepest connections. The swiftest pass in the hall or collision in the canned goods aisle may develop into a relationship that is more meaningful than a can of creamed corn would warrant.

When exactly did I meet Melisa? Did we like each other instantly? Or did she raise her eyebrows in confusion at that weird and loudspoken blogger chick (me) who sometimes swears a little too loudly after a few martinis at BlogHer?

Did we exchange more than a brief nod of Chicago blogger camaraderie? Did we know then, on some level, that we'd become friends? That we'd forge into a  new territory that would bond not only the two of us, but also (potentially) dozens and dozens of fellow writers through LTYM?
Photo credit Rob Krueger Photography
Nope. Not even an inkling. But somehow, through a series of small connections, we became blog friends, then partners, and now? She is one of my best friends (though perhaps that is unknown to her... until NOW. Surprise, Melisa! I LURVE YOU!).

I am so excited to be entering into yet another exciting endeavor with you! I am grateful to have you as a friend in my life and wonder at what we will encounter and experience in the following months (and years!).


Melisa Wells said...

First of all, I LOVE CREAMED CORN.

Second of all, I LOVE YOU.

xoxoxoxoxo, you FOO.

Ann Imig said...


Love this.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

What a great post in celebration of an awesome friendship. Aaaaaand, I love creamed corn -- which means I can totally hang with you guys, right?!? RIGHT?!? Riiiiiight.

House of Jules said...

Awww! Love this. said...

Ok, ok. WHOA there nellies. Creamed Corn IS GROSS. I used it as an example. Perhaps I should change it to soup?

Mark said...

I just love how you spring attack your Friendships upon people. Too funny!
Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Blog friends are the best friends.

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