Wednesday, August 29, 2012


When you're in the van, driving home from karate with a 10 year old, you are a captive. Captivated? Not always. But Evan does appreciate a good tune on the radio, so some days it's absolutely blissful to rock out with the windows down and pretend that the cute guys in the cars passing by are all checking me out (we are not going to mention that I am driving a mini-van and have my 10 yr old beside me. This is MY FANTASY, yo).

Alas, yesterday was not a rock-it-out day.

The conversation, as I remember it*:

"Mama? Is this Pink Floyd?" Evan asked as he turned down the radio. (HE TURNED IT DOWN. Oh yes, he did.)

"Yep. It's 'Hey You'." I turned the music back up and commenced with my impersonation of the Olsen twins' version of how to make a perfect pursed lip pose while casually grooving to the music.

Moments later, he turned it down again.

"Isn't this the same song that Mr. Blotto sang at the concert I went to?"

"Yep. They sure did." I turned it back up til the windows shook.

He listens for a second and then he has the GALL to turn it down AGAIN and says "Mr. Blotto sang it better."

Guffawing, I hover my finger over the volume button and sputter, "I'll tell Daddy and Uncle Kelly. I'm sure they're gonna love hearing this one..." and I turned that jam back UP and I rocked it out once more, lips perfectly pursed and mind positively BLOWN...

*Which really is the only opinion that matters here on the blog o'Tracey now, isn't it? Hence the words "MY BLOG and account of what happens in our lives" and not "the FAMILY'S blog and accounts of what they PERCEIVE happens in our lives."


Unknown said...

But Mr. Blotto DOES sing it better.

StephLove said...

One of N's summer homework assignments was to pick a song that reminded him of a character in Watership Down (a book on the summer reading list). He tried and tried and couldn't think of a thing so after letting him sweat it out for a long while I went to iTunes and played "Carry On, My Wayward Son." He listened and said okay. I bet he'll be the only sixth-grader who chose a Kansas song for the assignment.

anymommy said...

Heh. I both love and hate the car. I love that they have to talk to me. I hate that I have to talk to them ;-)

Unknown said...

This is too funny! From the mouths of our babes, right? Thanks for this funny moment, I definitely needed it today. Oh, and I also LOVE your header. Did you design it yourself? I'm working on mine and have no clue what to do with it.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

As of now, my kids are young enough to automatically share my own music preferences (George still says "this song is so CUTE." when a certain Bruno Mars tune comes on the radio).

Can't imagine my husband's reaction to the sacrilege of the idea that someone else does Pink Floyd better than Pink Floyd!

Gianna Rae said...

hilarious! Totally awesome! I came over from Stephanie's blog!

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