Monday, August 20, 2012

Because Who Doesn't Love Lists?

Shit Stuff you do when your mother-in-law takes the kids away for the entire day:

~ take a very long, hot bath (with bubbles!) in absolute silence. I DIDN'T EVEN LOCK THE DOOR.

~ Marveled at the absence of family noises - no computers, tv, video games. No talking, walking, eating or arguing. No questions, comments or bodily functions. Just... silence. Fascinating.

~ Painted my toes.

~ Planned out the next 2 weeks of schoolwork for all 3 kids.(Can I get a Hell Yeah on this one??)

~ Took pictures of my dog. She didn't even care.
~ Sat perfectly still with a cup of coffee and did absolutely NOTHING for a very long time.

~ Washed dishes and didn't have a pile of dirty ones waiting when I finished. I.E. I FINISHED the dishes.

~ Missed the kids...

~ Missed the husband...

~ Went for a walk.

~ Contemplated on a tree.
~ Made a list of shit I did because I (apparently) have too much time on my hands.


StephLove said...

Ah, the benefits of a local grandparent. It sounds nice.

Melisa Wells said...

haha, great day huh!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thr sounds amazing!

Mark said...

Could you elaborate on this "FINISHED the dishes" thing, please? I'm not sure I understand.

Deb said...

Wait. You mean you spent a day without having to hear other people chew? Because OH MY GOSH I cannot even stand to be in the same room with my bunch. The smacking and yum-yum-ing and talking with food in their mouths... Rottweilers are quieter.

(hello menopause hormones)

Rainbow Motel said...

Enjoy the quiet and then also the noise when they come back. Our last little chick flew the nest this week. And it's REALLY quiet.

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