Monday, July 02, 2012

Take a Break

Me and my girls, taking a break...

It's a busy week for us with sleepovers and Fourth of July and fireworks and barbeques and birthday parties and prepping for a surprise trip to the Dells with the kids (shhhh. Don't tell them.). How about I just commit to taking a week off from blogging, hmm? Maybe you'd like some posts from way back when? Maybe you'd appreciate knowing that this is one place you can mark off of your checklist of "things to do".

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July. I am so grateful to the men and women who fought 236 years ago for our freedom to be our own country.


Mark said...

Re: Your last paragraph, Right-on!
Have a great week off. Blogging should be at the bottom of your list. Just don't stay on that sofa all week!

Unknown said...

Go you! Relax, take a break and enough your week off :)

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