Saturday, July 07, 2012

Because No Child Should be Hungry in America...

"Mommy, I am soooo hungry! Isn't there anything to eat in this house?"

Actually, yes my child. There is. There is a bounty of food within our home. You are lucky and blessed, indeed.

Imagine the feeling of knowing that you would have to answer "No. There isn't anything to eat. And I don't have any money to buy any more food..."

Imagine the feeling of being that child that is scared to ask. Scared to ask to eat. Scared of the answer and of seeing the sadness or anger in your parents' eyes because the question is asked so often; with the answer always being the same.

Imagine the relief of knowing that you have another option. The knowledge that "Yes. I can eat today! Tonight, I can sleep easier because my stomach isn't grinding upon its own digestive juices. Tomorrow there will be food again, because I have found support from the Hunger Free Summer program run by the ConAgra Foods Foundation."

You can be a part of that solution.

You can help to stop that gnawing pain in the stomach of one child this summer. All you have to do is download this FREE booklet provided by ConAgra Foods and a meal will be donated to a hungry American kid. All you have to do is Share that link with your Facebook friends and even more meals will be donated to even more children.

It's incredibly easy to help! No money is needed. No time is really required. Just about 45 seconds of your life to contribute food for the ones who cannot feed themselves.

Will you spare that 45 seconds to feed a hungry child?


Disclaimer: Though I am being compensated by ConAgra Foods to help spread the word about their Hunger-Free Summer campaign, all opinions remain my own.

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