Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Continue to Be In Love...

Have I mentioned before that my family loves Cedar Point amusement park?
I find that impossible to believe...

Because this coaster-loving-group ADORES Cedar Point!
What's not to love about the best roller coasters in the US? Heck. Maybe even THE WORLD. Just look at Millennium Force: it will literally make you light-headed as it drops at an 80 degree angle at 93 MILES PER HOUR!
AND it lasts for TWO MINUTES! That's a ridiculously long ride for a super coaster and a huge part of what makes it so enjoyable. And Millennium Force is just ONE of their many, many coasters and rides that we adore. Every ride is exciting (though I don't personally love the Corkscrew. If you have a stiff neck, I advise skipping it) and every employee is well-trained.
Naturally, for us anyway, no trip would be complete without a stop at their on-site Famous Dave's restaurant. My calorie-counting went straight out of the park on this stop. But can you blame me?
Caution: eating at Famous Dave's will cause your children to give you enormously messy smiles.
One point that I MUST make is that Cedar Point makes sense. It is easy to understand how to get from A to B. The park is situated on a beautiful peninsula in Lake Erie. You can walk down one street and back up the other in one long, continuous loop. No way to get lost! No valuable vacation time wasted searching for a particular attraction! No meandering through randomly placed corridors that lead to nowhere; confusing even the employees! (~cough~SixFlagsStLouis~cough~).

And here's the BESTEST BEST PART!

I have a really, really fabulous giveaway for one reader on my review blog. Be sure to head over there immediately as this will end in one week!! Truly: you won't want to miss this!

*Disclaimer: I was given complimentary tickets to Cedar Point and Soak City as compensation for my review and giveaway. ALL opinions remain my own, as always.


Mark said...

Hershey Park is a confusing maze. It's probably why I dislike amusement parks. But our kids love it and that's the most important thing, right?
Love that greasy messy smile!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Chris and I are the lamest of the lame when it comes to amusement parks. We recently went to a neighborhood festival and practically had to draw staws over who would go on the Ferris wheel with George and Oliver. I played the girl card (and it was Fathers Day!) Eleanor is firmly in our "rides are scary" camp.

StephLove said...

I went to college in NE Ohio and we used to go to Cedar Point. It is a nice park. Back in the late 80s I rode what was then the highest coaster in the U.S. there. That was the peak (no pun intended) of my coaster career. I'm not so daring now.

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