Friday, June 01, 2012

Red Alert

We were sitting outside, enjoying the lovely sun and breeze. It truly has been a beautiful early summer. My friend was trying to convince her children that it really WAS time to go home and I was thrilled to be drinking a COLD glass of ICE WATER!**

"Your new fridge is awesome!"

"I agree. Plus, it's CLEAN. That always makes an appliance really gorgeous. I am really excited to review all of the new features and details that this model has."

"Like what?"

"Well, there's the air filter, the water filtration system, the produce freshener and tons of fancy buttons and features that I still have to check out. It's kind of like Whirlpool dropped off a jet plane in my kitchen except that it doesn't fly to Florida when I climb inside and shut the door."

We continued to chat and relax while our kids ran circles around the house when a strange beeping interrupted our conversation. It was loud enough to get my attention, but not annoying enough to be an alarm clock...

"What IS that?"

"It sounds like a timer, or a mild alarm. Do you need to change the batteries on your fire alarms?"

Sure enough, it WAS an alarm. An alarm on my fabulous new Whirlpool fridge that will go off if one of the doors is left ajar. My darling daughter had managed to leave the freezer open after she realized that there was no ice cream to sneak and this brilliant appliance wasn't going to let a single item defrost.
That little red light says "Hey! Your door is open. Just wanted to let you know. And I will never, ever, EVER fly you to Florida, no matter how many times you press me."

Let it be known that I LOVE THIS FEATURE. Many elfin dances of joy will be jigged around my house...

**Let it ALSO be known that I love me some ice water. Crushed, preferably. And brought to me by someone else.

*Disclaimer: I will be reviewing this Whirlpool refrigerator for the next year. Though these posts will be sponsored, all opinions and words will be my own.


Melisa Wells said...

THAT is a great feature. Momo could've used that a couple of years ago when her daughter left their freezer open and they lost a brand new side of beef.

P.S. Can I borrow your fridge? :) said...

No doubt, Melisa. I love it! I am thinking of banning any and all sauce-type foods that may contaminate its clean and lovely shelves...

alisha said...

That is an awesome feature. My parent's fridge does that and I love it.

Vicky said...

What it really needs is a door lock, then not only can the door not only be left open but you don't have to worry about your kids snarfing down all of the ice cream when you're not looking. You should check the manual, maybe there's a locking mechanism.

StephLove said...

That would be handy. Our fridge door doesn't shut right and you have to really put your all into it or it won't stay shut. I often find it slightly ajar.

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