Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm like Dr. Doolittle only without the Animals. Or book/movie deal...

Despite everyone telling me, repeatedly, to not plant my seedlings in the garden in April (when it was SO warm and it freaking felt like JUNE); I did it. I now have some fabulous lettuce and cilantro because they can handle the frigid drops in temp at night. Sadly, all of my baby tomatoes, cucumbers, jalepenos, and sweet peppers? Did not fare as well.

Thankfully, I had started a few more seeds inside, just for kicks, so I spent Sunday afternoon happily digging in the dirt, talking to my new vegetables.

"Just GROW, guys. Buck up if it gets a little chilly and hunker down. Don't do what they did (flutters hand disappointedly at the withered stalks of the previous tomato attempts) and give up on me. This is my dream, guys. I dream of a garden that I started from seed. Don't kill my dream!"

Even more thankfully, my neighbors weren't outside to witness my interactions.

I patted the soil and pulled the itty bitty thistles that had hopefully attached themselves to the exposed dirt of the garden. (No way, guys. This is the ONE AREA of my yard that will not have thistles.) I then noticed a different volunteer plant. Hmmm...

Aha! Oregano. Wow. I had heard it was really invasive, but I didn't think it would be something I couldn't handle. I mean, it's just a little volunteer plant. No big deal. Just a little bit here... and here... Oh. And here, too.

I stood up in my garden and slowly pivoted full circle...

Holy. Holy. Holy. Balls.

Oregano was EVERYWHERE.

Giving my enormous oregano plant another "look" that is usually saved for children and dirty dishes, and in a flurry of scissors and heavily aromatic air; I set to trimming that bush DOWN.

And now I am just like a witch with herbs drying on a string in my kitchen!!

You'd be surprised to realize just how excited this picture makes me.
Seriously. I keep staring at it.
Maybe I am secretly a witch?
Like one of those Made for TV movies where the girl (ME) finds out that she has always held the powers of nature in the palm of her hand if only she knew which plants to dry and mix together!

I definitely need a cup of coffee.


Melisa Wells said...

I would love some fresh oregano. Just sayin.

StephLove said...

Our garden has gotten off to a very rough start this year between seeds that didn't sprout (not finicky plants either-- stuff that ALWAYS sprouts for us) and slugs decimating what did sprout.

That oregano is amazing. Nothing wrong with being a little witchy.

Becky M. said...

I'm with you - I couldn't wait to plant! I knew it was a bad idea (my typical rule is do NOT plant before Mother's Day). Did I listen? Nope. :)

My plants are actually looking okay, but time will tell! This is also my first year starting a few seedlings too & I'm so excited to see if that works out!

Mark said...

Yeah, but that girl's usually 16 years old when she finds out that she's a witch. I guess you could be a late bloomer!
Now get back to looking crazy in your garden, you nut!

Unknown said...

All hail the Oregano Queen (albeit mentally-unstable-talks-to-her-vegestables queen...;) )

Vicky said...

Without animals? What? Did you move or kick Pat and the kids out? I believe I (emphasis on I) was the one who told you not to plant in April. I think I told you to wait to plant the seeds even. Just saying.

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