Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If World Leaders Listened to their Mothers...

Tolerance = not speaking aloud all of the negative thoughts you are harboring about the person you don't accept. It means believing that you are better than someone else based upon their abilities, social standing or choices, but "enduring" it so that you are socially and politically correct.

Acceptance = genuinely believing that we all have a right to our life styles, religions or beliefs, and careers or lack thereof. It means that you don't see someone's physical/emotional/mental differences as something to be reckoned or "dealt with" because we are ALL different!

Thank God for that.

I'm not perfect, but I would sure love to witness more Acceptance of our Fellow Man in the world instead of simply Tolerance. I can "tolerate" an argument between my children, but I don't "accept" it.

I can "tolerate" a LOT of situations that I will never "accept".

One thing I will never tolerate OR accept will be ignorance of the rights of human beings. Every mother, everywhere has always said:

"Treat others as you'd like to be treated."

Honestly, if mothers were to be truly in charge of the world, the leaders would never reach a situation where they had weapons to play around with. After arguing and yelling and throwing their 'toys' about, they'd be grounded, without privileges, until they figured out how to get along!

I am bone tired of witnessing the pent-up anger of the world. I am fed UP with the whiny, over-privileged People of Luck who cannot empathize with the plight of their fellow man. I want nothing more than to send the leaders who demean and degrade their citizens straight to their rooms for a lengthy time-out. If you can't handle the responsibility that you asked for, then you can't get your allowance!



Pamela Fagan Hutchins said...

If I was the mother of a lot of folks, there'd be a lot of folks in time out who didn't get to drive until they were 30.

Laura- That Kind of Mom said...

There are too many leaders desperately in need of a time out.

Great post, there is always so much talk about tolerance, but I agree that acceptance is a much better goal. I think education (formal and informal) and exposure to people unlike yourself really changes a lot.

Helena said...

Tracey, that's fascinating—I've never looked closely at the huge difference between those two words. It makes so much sense. Yes. Acceptance. YES.

Jenn said...

We'd have all those leaders put in their place, the laundry done, the kiddies fed and the house tidied in time to have a glass of wine and watch our favourite tv show (or read our favourite book) before heading to bed ourselves.

Because Mothers ROCK!!!!

Unknown said...

I've always favored the "lock 'em in a room with boxing gloves" approach to managing World Leaders.

But I like your ideas a lot.

Megan said...

You took the words right out of my head! Then you made them better than I could have expressed them on my best day. I've been so sick of the word "tolerance" for so long. Include. Accept. Love. Much better words.

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Lou, that approach on global terms is called "WAR".

See? MOTHERS, not fathers in charge. No offense, Lou!

Unknown said...


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