Thursday, February 03, 2011

A post about free puppies, fluffy kittens, rainbows and unicorns.

Hahahahahahahaha!!! FOOLED YOU!!! This is totally not about puppies or kittens. This post is about SNOW!

WAIT! Don't go! My snow pictures are just as interesting as the 29,643 other posts you've seen the past few days!!! I SWEAR!See? MY kid in 2 feet of snow! Not someone else's kid, but MY KID. I told you this post was unlike anything you've read thus far.Oooohhh.... Piles against the windows and driveway with token children AND a shovel for ambiance. Sort of a "frustration" mood or even "Precursor of things yet to come..."LOOK.

Look at what I did. 90% BY MYSELF.

Have you seen me? I am 5'2" and not athletic. While Justin helped me for 45 minutes near the bottom and my neighbors pitched in once they were all done with their own messes (the remaining plowed in snow at the bottom disappeared in mere moments!) I did the majority of this all alone because Patrick got snowed in by his work and stayed at a cousin's house the night before. Which means I WAS alone during the freakish "thunder snow" (it happened and it was scary as shit). The kids and I watched Happy Feet (fitting) and huddled in my bedroom with candles and the one lantern I could find that works. My husband FINALLY got home juuuust as I was finishing up the driveway. Convenient, no?One of the two kids who DIDN'T help me shovel. Too much fun to be had.
Moments later she was giggling hysterically because she couldn't get up. "Help! Help! I'm STUCK!"

No way. I have snow to shovel. Toodles, sucka! Muwaaaahaaaahaaaa!!

All of the big kids even played football in the backyard. Every 20 minutes found one of them banging on my back door to borrow some more gloves as theirs were coated with snow. God forbid they choose the WATERPROOF ones. You can't grip a football with big gloves. Apparently, only thin and stretchy ones will work.

And yes. That IS a pile of random, broken items on my back patio. Yes. We ARE "those neighbors!" Nice of you to notice.

Edited to add: Check out my new favorite thing! And enter for your last chance at MacBeth tickets!


Unknown said...

Looks like our house/yard/driveway.

Deb said...

How do husband's to that? It's like a gift, or something. Or maybe they lurk right down the street until they see you throw that last little shovel-full of snow....hmmmm. #suspicious

omg, did I just use a hashtag? #GEEK.

Leah said...

I am so glad I moved south! The last few times it has snowed, somehow I wound up shoveling my driveway. The one time I asked him to shovel the driveway he did not bother, it iced over and my truck slide halfway down the driveway.
Glad your kids could still have a good game of football.

Libby Marie said...

Hey, thanks for commenting (and liking) my page. I always like a new visitor now and again.
I am not yet endowed with the funds to purchase and operate my own, classy photo editing software so I do all of that on That's how I threw words over top of all of my photographs. That's all. :)

I love reading all of these blogs about snow! We have it here, too. The internet makes the world seem so small. I feel like we all live in the same neighborhood.

mep said...

The "Help! Help! I'm STUCK!" picture is really awesome! She looks so cute and so happy!

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

Snow fun! Love it! :)

Unknown said...

I love that last picture of Corinne. :-D

I can't tell you how tired I am of shoveling. I mean, I am literally tired. The drive's at least 80 ft long, unpaved, and on a slight incline. Talk about a workout!

Debbie said...

Oooooh, the snow...
We got a chinook today. And a lot has melted (thankfully). Just in time for more tomorrow.
I do feel sorry for all you people further east than us who do not benefit from warm winds comin' down the mountains.
I love the pics though. And I love that your family actually got out and enjoyed the snow.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you making the best of the snow. I was thinking about how my favorite blogging Mom was doing with all the storm forcasts for ChicagoLand. We have had no snow in Portlandia -so far. Love the pictures - thanks! said...

Annie, you need a blogger profile. I was just thinking about calling you today in my loaner car but didn't have your phone# with me! I miss you!!

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