Friday, February 11, 2011

I am so popular

According to my inbox, that is.

Did you know that I have friends in France? I didn't, either. But apparently they really like me! And they keep emailing me about their finances so that I can help them out. I guess they plan on visiting me soon? It's so sweet that they use my full name and say "bonjour" in the subject line. Every time I get one of their emails, I feel European. I know I have a beret around here somewhere. Think my kids would mind if I threw it on for our Monster Jam thingy tonight?

I also have a great appeal to "single mothers looking for a good time without commitment" in my local area. Email after email from them, too! They "know just what I need." AWESOME! Because what I need is someone to clean my house while I take a nap.

I am guessing that the folks sending me the information about improving the size of my penis are mistaking me for someone else.... But I SO appreciate their concern. Day after day, email after email, all about my mythical penis and how I can make it big enough so that "she" won't leave me. Whoever "she" is. I hate to embarrass them by letting them in on the secret that I am of the female persuasion...

I know how to do the whole "do not call" list. Is there a "do not email" list?


tz said...

I once got an email marriage proposal from someone in Algeria, who 'wasn't very attractive, but loaded and as soon as he got married to an American he could claim his inheritance"

oh, if only I wasn't already married.

well maybe you could send your french friends the viagra and the email addresses of the single 'hot' moms?

Feliz4life said...

LOL good stuff

Katie said...

Lol! I thought you were serious about your friends from France at first....its been a long day...sarcasm is over my head right now!

Sandra said...

Let's admit it though: won't we enjoy our big know, for a few hours, until we realize how much more intelligent we were before we had one?!!! bahahaha!
I'm going to BlogHer too! I'll be wearing cute shoes! Come find me! :)

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