Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Evanisms: aka "Things I never want to forget"

1. "If I were a superhero, I'd be called the Masked Potato!" I was laughing too hard to ask him what super powers a potato would have. The ability to add 10 pounds to your thighs in a single sitting?

2. For this Evanism, you have to understand that we were meeting my husband at a hospital to do a kid switch-a-roo before I headed off to a meeting. Apparently, Evan thinks his dad is a secret agent sniper dude because he asked me this:

"It's taking us FOREVER to get there! When will we get to Daddy's Mercenary Center?"

FYI: It's MERCY CENTER in Aurora. Great hospital to deliver a baby in. Trust me. Ask for the big corner room. It's like a banquet hall!

3. This next cute little diddy is courtesy of Corinne. She and Evan love Michael Jackson. LOVE him. She was rockin her little body and belting out the words:

"You've been hit by (she receives an invisible punch to the chin), You've been SHRUNK by (she shrinks herself down to the ground), a Smooth Criminal!"

Adorableness is just overflowing in my household.


Deb said...

Smooth Criminal! That's hilarious!

So much better than when my daughter sings "My Humps."

Yeah, I rock at being a mom.

Julie said...

We are regailed with lots of twists of words here. We regularly hear "now tumember" for "remember." My favorite so far is when she said "I'm wearing my pimp shorts." We still don't know what she was trying to say.

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Julie, Deb: I worry about your kids. You are clearly exposing them to horrendous media. Tsk tsk. Now I have to jet and pry my kids away from the You Tube videos that are playing in the background... ;)

Stacia said...

Love these. We went to see an exhibit at our botanical garden over Christmas, and my daughter kept asking to go back to the "mechanical garden." Made me smile every time.

Denisa Manele said...

I always forget something, even if i take pills for that..I think this is just the way I am

nmaha said...

Omg! the shrunk by had me laughing out loud.

V loves MJ too :-)

Michelle said...

You'll be so glad you have these written down! Loved the 'shrunk' one too!

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