Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doesn't Make Much Sense to Me, Either...

I swear, I had an entire book written in my head last night. It was a pretty good beginning, too... I HAVE to learn to write this stuff down when I think of it, instead of assuming that such fabulous ideas couldn't possibly fade with the passing of just one sleepless night. You'd think I'd have figured this out by now, wouldn't you?

Instead, I'll go with the easy post:

Can you believe it's only 9 days till Christmas?!? I know, right? Obviously, the season goes by faster as I age. Which means that by the time I'm 65, Christmas season will only take 43 hours from start to finish. And that'll be starting with shopping in AUGUST.
Hmmmm. That wasn't so easy. I only got 5 sentences from that topic, one of which was a rhetorical question, but it had punctuation, so it COUNTS. Nonetheless, it's not any wonder why my stats and comments are so pathetic these days. I wish I could blame it solely on my computer with all of its viruses and coughs and backaches. It's practically a senior citizen by today's technological standards and the poor dear is showing its age. When I go online to do a simple tweet and sign up for an event, I should be able to get on and off within 10 minutes, don't you think? That's a pretty long estimate, in all honesty. But when my computer freezes and then flashes and then laughs at me and The Crimson Bitch is seizing control of my emotions, you might be surprised at just how long those simple tasks end up taking. You might also be surprised at the language that this mother of 3 was slinging at said computer.

It was ugly. It was graphic. But my computer IS a rat-sucking-idiot with shit-for-gears. I was just calling it as I saw it. And no: I don't know what a rat-sucking-idiot is. But it fit when I was screaming and crying over the injustices I had to suffer through that night...

My kids' ears may never be the same, though.

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Stacia said...

My kids have started saying "Dadgummit!" which is my easy-on-the-ears curse word for when I really need to sling a few expletives but little ones are too near. And "For Pete's sake." And "Heavens to Betsy." Man, I guess I "curse" more than I thought. It's never as satisfying as the real thing though!

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