Monday, November 22, 2010

3 bits that are too long for tweets and too short for posts and aren't really funny enough to stand on their own. Really, just look away. Look AWAYYY!

Guess what? I woke up to a freezing thunder storm! Isn't that awesome?!?

Seriously, people. This means that I was able to just put on a fuzzy sweatshirt over my Oh-So-Fashionable pajamas (yoga pants and an old t-shirt) and I was DRESSED FOR THE DAY! I love days like today. We'll do school work and then I'll clean a bit (a lot) and we can have hot cocoa and steamy soup. Nobody has to "Do" anything pressing. The kids are all sleeping in after a loooong weekend and I am tip-toeing around downstairs in an effort to encourage their slumber till at least 9:00. After Corinne's night terrors IN MY BED last night where she was sobbing hysterically "And I don't know whyyyyy!! I'm just so saaaaddddd!!" while standing up on our mattress, we can all use a little bit of quiet rest.

Sounds like a perfect Monday to me!


If you haven't checked out my review of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, I've mentioned some of my favorite games and toys that will be under our tree this year. But if you're still looking for something and don't see anything that appeals, let me know because I have IDEAS abound right now!!


Words to this mother's ears:

Last night, after helping me edit a little blackmail video of his father swinging a light saber around his head with John Williams playing in the background*, Evan turned to me and said,"When I grow up, I wanna be a BLOGGER!"

Let's all pause to wipe that tear from our cheeks now, shall we? Not a fireman. Not a doctor. Not a businessman like Daddy. Not a "dog" like when he was 4. Nay. My child sees blogging as a CAREER.

You validate me, oh son!!

"Why do you want to be a blogger?"

"You get to do cool things and get free stuff!"

"Well, it's not 'free' altogether. I have to spend time writing about the things we do and products I receive. You know that. But, you could start blogging right now. You could tell me your own reviews of stuff and I could type them out. We could be a Mother/Son team!"

He pursed his lips in consideration. Suddenly blogging was sounding a bit more like "real work".

"I'll get back to you on that, Mommy."


*True Story. It is an awesome new collectible light saber that lights up and makes the zzzrrr zzzrrr noises when we swing it. (wait, "we"? Heh. Heh. I meant THEM. It's not like I was swinging the saber around in full-Jedi fashion...) Patrick saw me recording his imaginary battle and said something along the lines of "I'll kill you if you put this on the internet... blah blah blah...." Whatever. He knows it's all fair game around here.


Balancing Lisa said...

Enjoy your Monday!
and Congrats on your son following in your footsteps! ;) I love that when asked to join in now he has to think about it! haa

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Sounds like a lovely Monday and much much different than mine - parenting fail and work fail in the same morning. Yup, it's Monday all right.

Cannot wait to see the video, sounds like pure awesome.

Life As I Know It said...

is a freezing thunderstorm like an east coast ice storm? because those scare me.

mep said...

Glad I didn't look away! I too was glad for the rain today because I meant I didn't have to cave into my son's demands to cart the whole crew to the park after preschool. I'm over the park right now. Instead we ran one errand, came home, and cozied in for the rest of the day. I love my yoga pants even though I've never once done yoga.

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

Hilarious! But blogging is indeed real work. ;)

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