Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Swift Kick

My first post is up at Mamapedia!


Just when I began to wallow yesterday in my own little pity party of financial woes and personal grief, I watched a recorded Oprah highlighting a couple who lost all 3 of their young children in a car crash. Bawling and furious with myself for the audacity I had to be so upset for so long, I released all of the pent-up shit in my heart and honestly thanked the universe for the blessings I DO have. I have the right to let the little things make me angry and annoyed. But I do NOT have the right to allow the tiny little blocks of strife to build up into a tower of supposed agony. The real tower of agony is one that those parents feel and carry with them every day.

So I gave my little blocks of irritating shit a swift kick and they tumbled down around my tear-soaked bedspread. They're still there. They're still irritating. But the tiny bumps in my life will NOT be permitted to become a road block.


CaraBee said...

Good for you. It's true there is pretty much always someone who has it worse, but it's hard to think about that sometimes.

Unknown said...

Oh, man. Another person's tragedy really has a way of putting things into perspective, eh? On my way to my kids' school every day, I pass a billboard that says "A drunk driver murdered our little girl" and features a picture of the beautiful little girl - 4 or 5 years old - and her unsmiling parents. Stabs me in the heart every time and makes me think to myself, "What right do you have to complain about anything?"

Inbloom Stickers said...

A perfect way for proud families to express themselves. Check it out.

Balancing Lisa said...

Good for you! I think everyone struggles with that, but you're right, it's hard to be upset when you hear of real tragedy.

Julie said...

Thanks for this post. I was ranting earlier about how difficult it will be to figure out my entangled insurance tomorrow. It hardly seems a problem now.

Katie said...

I do something really similar. For the past couple of years I have done quite a bit of reading about modern slavery. Every time I get overwhelmed, I think of all of the horrors that millions of people in this world have to live with and it really puts my life in perspective. It is kind of hard to get worked up about whether or not we can pay the cable bill when I know there are millions of people out there debating whether or not to sell their children so they will have food to eat.

Shari said...

You really have to balance the fact that many, many people have much worse problems that most of us. This doesn't mean that our problems are not real. It does mean a little perspective will help most situations.

mep said...

I've been in a funk lately, feeling kind of defeated and frustrated and exhausted. I know there are many moms who have it so, so, so much harder and know that, in fact, I don't really have it hard at all. Of course, knowing that and feeling that are not always the same.

Your attitude in this post reminds me to get my head out of my butt and walk strong.

Alexandra said...


I told you this was an awesome piece!

Now, you need your mamapedia badge up. I will/can link you the badge site, or just pick it up from my place.

I am so proud of you!!

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