Friday, October 22, 2010

I am a genius

It's been a long week. Can I leave it at that?

(No. Of course not.) Without going into TOO much detail, just know that it's been a week of sharing 1 vehicle while transporting furniture, folding more laundry than you can possibly comprehend, baking and baking and baking and (FINALLY) welcoming a new nephew into our family!

(Whooot! A new nephew! He's adorable and I get to meet him tomorrow morning! Aren't my sister and brother-in-law gracious to provide me with a newborn to cuddle and spoil??)

We are all beat around here after spending the evening at the Annual Cub Scout Halloween party in the WOODS with glow sticks and fire pits and s'mores and pumpkins and children falling over logs. It was truly a fabulous time but absolutely exhausting!

I just needed a few moments to decompress at my computer and accept all of the Auntie congratulations that were extended to me on Facebook. Mere minutes into my decompression, I get the familiar page from Patrick:

"Oh, man! Trace, you have gotta come see this!! You won't believe it!"

He and the kids are watching some WWE wrestling thing. I can only assume someone made an incredible move that defies gravity and all common sense. I groaned because, really? I really am comfortable and and starting to relax and I really don't CARE about the wrestling moves. Instead of making them wait and wait and wait for me to trudge in and be unimpressed with the exercise I extended to witness the Most Awesome Guy Thing, I called back;

"So, if I come in there now, will you come and check out the really sweet and romantic thing I witness on the next show I am watching?"

A bit of silence and then,

"Probably not."

And Tracey remains in her comfy desk chair and all is right with the world.

End scene.


Brandie said...

Congrats on the new nephew! And LOL'ing at your exchange with Patrick!

Balancing Lisa said...

Brilliant! ;) And congrats on the new nephew!

Deb said...

HAH! Hit 'em where it counts, right? That IS genius!

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