Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Title schmitle

I obviously suck at this whole "daily gratitude thing." I mean, day 2 and I forgot. Doh.

Ok, for day 2, I am grateful that the kids all went to sleep without fighting. And that's INCLUDING having a friend spend the night on a whim. I know, I know; I rock.

Day 3 (TODAY) at 11:37 am, I am grateful that it is no longer stifling out so I could turn the a/c off. 2 days of it being on will be enough of a hit to our bills!

And now I am off to just stare at a wall or something. Not a lot of energy or desire to clean/play/read or anything. The boys each have a friend over (Nazi zombies, anyone?) and Corinne is currently running after the cats and then outside and then back in to chase the cats and then back out to swing and then back in... You get the idea. I will wait for Patrick to get home with the hopes that he and I can say more than "Hi! How was your day? Do we have any money? Oh, goodnight..." before his head hits the pillow and I am alone with the kids again.

This whole "cheerful perspective" thing may not fly, folks. Just a heads up.

Hey. If you really do want me to be cheerful about something, go comment on my giveaways. I have 3 going on and I'm sure that at least 1 will apply to your family.

Heh. What the hell? I posted this in the morning. Or thought I did. Apparently I need to double check if I'm hitting "save" or "publish".


Me said...

It's so hard not being able to see your husband. I wish you guys luck. Hopefully things will start looking up and the whole "Hi! Nice to see you! Bye!" won't be necessary for long.

Kristabella said...

My A/C has been on all summer basically, because I have really loud obnoxious neighbors that keep me awake if I open the windows. Plus I'm only cooling a shoebox, so my bill isn't too bad.

CaraBee said...

It has been just hot enough here to force us to keep the AC on most of the summer. And our electric bill shows it. It sucks. Autumn can't get here fast enough for me.

Hope you two get to spend a few moments together!!

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