Thursday, August 06, 2009

So. How YOU doin?

My prayers were answered!! I asked for someone to send me something to review that I really, REALLY needed like FOOD, and the heavens opened and showered upon me great vats of delicious applesauce!!Well, not vats. That would be a bit much. But a BUNCH of applesauce... Continue reading and enter to win...


When your kids are little, the internet is a simple place. They are monitored while online 100%, simply for the fact that they could break something if you walk away! But as they age, you tend to walk away more and more, thinking "What can he possibly find at this age? He's so innocent and still loves Pokemon, for crying out loud!"

I will admit that I fell into that protected bubble. I felt my kids were relatively safe since I was never farther than a room away. And while I don't believe they would ever intentionally look for "bad internet stuff" I DO believe that "bad internet stuff" looks for them. I am NOT ok with that.
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If your kids are into art projects, then I have a truly fun giveaway for you!

Clay So Cute is a new book by Sherri Haab all about the cool crafts you can make with polymer clay. Though the releases all say it is designed with an aim towards 8-12 year old girls, I disagree. The projects in this book appealed to all 3 of my kids, none of which fall into that marketing bracket...

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DANG. That is a lot of giveaways in a short time! Any other folks interested in reviews or giveaways, please remember that I love hosting them on my review blog. Also as an FYI to you readers, the internet protection software has only ONE ENTRY as of right now! I can't figure that one out as it's a great program and worth over $60! WAKE UP FOLKS!!

I have been absent as the sun has been shining, my book has been calling, homeschool planning is in full swing, and there hasn't been enough chocolate to satisify my cravings. (Hellllooo, Brother-in-law! I'm sure you are thrilled to know I share the same womanly cycle as your wife! And now the ENTIRE* world knows, too!!) So just be a good little blogger, click on over to my review blog, and just enter so I don't get all menstrual-crazy on your ass.

*Don't burst my bubble and point out that only 1 gajillionth of the world's population reads this blog. Let's just pretend that folks in Southeast Asia actually ARE interested in the mystical magic that is my personal menstrual cycle. Though, that is pretty creepy. Especially considering one of the grossest random googles I got on my site recently. I won't get too specific but let's just say someone found my blog because they googled how to pleasure themselves with shampoo... Ew. But at least I have clean perverts on my site, right?!?!

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Unknown said...

Well, if you gotta have perverts, thems the ones you want ta have.

*sent from my phone while I'm standing in the hall waiting for my son to get out of the shower. I'm next.*

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