Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hope and Plan and Pray

Originally posted at the former Chicago Moms Blog on August 22, 2009

Hope and Plan and Pray

021 It's more than just a date on the calendar. It's a feeling and rhythm in the air. Tensions change, the clock is ticking and the hourglass is nearly empty. Every activity is done with a frantic need to have a Really! Fun! Time! before the opportunity slips away.

Each year, the scramble to secure the proper supplies and paraphernalia associated with the Back To School Season stresses the heck out of me. The fact that we are homeschooling this fall instead of "going to school" doesn't eliminate that stress. It's just taken on a new face!

Last year, I was worried about the teachers my boys would get. Would they understand one son's special (but not available for an IEP) needs? Would they help the other son to excel where he had been struggling before? Would there be a continuance of the social issues one had dealt with? Would the year go down as one to remember or one to forget?

This year, I am worried about the teacher my boys will have (ME!). Will I understand one son's special needs? Will I be able to help one son excel where he had been struggling before? Will this change in our lifestyles continue to aid the social issues we were seeing improvement on after homeschooling for a few months last spring? Will this year go down as not only the First Full Year of Homeschooling but also the BEST?

I can only hope and plan and pray.

I hope for patience.

I plan the lessons.

I pray that I am not committed before year's end...

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